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iEventRentals offers a number of party services to meet the demands of your event. Whether you need a complete party package or a single game rental to celebrate your upcoming occasion, we are flexible and accommodating. Browse our list of party services below to discover what might be the perfect choice for your next event.

CASINO rentals

You’re in store for an authentic casino experience. iEventRentals casino rentals match the style, layout and specifications of those you’d find on the Las Vegas strip. Deliver the quality your guests deserve with high-class poker, blackjack, roulette and craps tables.

Authentic Casino Rentals in Toronto

iEventRentals casino rentals are classy, sleek and elegant. Each game’s size, design and overall appearance are a perfect match to what you’d find at high-end casinos around the world. We go beyond the lower grade tabletop models to deliver life-size, stationary and foldout casino tables. From the layout to the wood finish, our casino rentals maintain a consistent look and feel so that you can recreate the thrilling atmosphere of a real life casino at your event.

Continuous Care and Upkeep

Our casino rentals undergo regular maintenance and repair. After every event we check tables for spills, defects and other damages. Fix-ups are made promptly and tables are cleaned thoroughly to ensure our next client receives nothing short of the best casino rentals in top condition.

Casino Rental Packages

At iEventRentals we’re much more than a casino rental business. We provide you with the staff you need to bring your tables to life. Depending on the type and size of your event, our Toronto casino rentals can be accompanied by professional dealers, pit bosses and tournament managers. Or, combine your rentals with additional party services to design a complete casino package that meets your needs. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, bachelor party, holiday celebration or poker tournament, iEventRentals offers décor, DJs, entertainers, AV equipment and more.

Game Rentals

From foosball and air hockey, to pool tables and basketball, our game rentals are the perfect addition to any event. Create lively interaction among your guests with entertaining games that force them out of their chairs and onto their feet. 

Game Rentals in Toronto

There’s nothing quite like an amusing game to liven up the party at your event. iEventRentals game rentals are interactive and entertaining. No matter what the occasion, party games encourage guest involvement and generate action. Whether corporate or personal, make sure your event goes the extra mile with a variety of game rentals for your guests to enjoy.

A Wide

From sports game tables and electronics, to video game systems and arcade machines, iEventRentals has a large number of Toronto game rentals for you to choose from. Depending on the crowd and the type of event you are hosting, our event planners help you decide which games will be the biggest hit.


Keeping each of our game rentals in good condition is a top priority here at iEventRentals, which is why we make a point of diligently preserving our equipment. We clean, repair and maintain our game rentals on a regular basis so that you receive nothing short of the highest quality when it comes time for your event.


Accessorize your event with theme-related décor. iEventRentals offers unique decorations for your tabletops, front entrance, ceiling or dance floor. Impress your guests from the moment they walk through the door with a stunning presentation at your venue.

 Toronto Event Décor

Décor is one of those simple yet important details that puts the final touches on your event.  Whether you’re looking for decorations to add to the dining room, gaming area or dance floor, we have a wide selection to meet your needs.  Our event décor in Toronto is creative and attention-grabbing, adding extra appeal to the celebration of your special occasion.

Event Décor – With a Theme

Themed events are extremely popular.  Keep up with the latest trend and design a corporate holiday party with a Vegas theme this year, or host a private event celebration James Bond style.  Whatever your idea, add a touch of brilliance to your party with themed décor that perfectly suits the mood of your event.  From grand entrance displays, to tabletop centrepieces, iEventRentals specializes in themed event décor in Toronto.

You Name It, We Arrange It

Our décor selections are constantly changing as new trends surface and fresh products enter the market.  If you have a particular type of décor in mind but you don’t see it on our website, tell us what you need and we’ll put it together for you. 

Audio Visual

Incorporate a multimedia experience into your next event. iEventRentals can supply you with large-scale projector screens, 50″ LCD TVs, professional grade sound equipment, and custom made lighting packages.

Toronto Audio Visual Rentals

Put the final touches on your upcoming event with stimulating audio and visual effects. iEventRentals audio visual rentals give you the ability to offer a unique event experience for your guests to enjoy. Setup a karaoke station, hold a Nintendo Wii tournament or pump up the volume at your DJ booth. From crisp audio to HD video, your guests are sure to be engaged from start to finish.

Audio Rentals in Toronto

Don’t let your message be muffled with poor sound equipment. With iEventRentals audio rentals, public speakers at your event are able to talk at a normal volume and still be heard by every guest. Energize the dance floor with our professional-grade sound equipment that blasts your playlist selections in perfect melody and sharp sound.

Visual Rentals in Toronto

Captivate your crowd with powerful imagery, lighting and video. Display themed videos on your rented TVs or projector screens, and colour-coordinate a lighting package to suit the mood of your event. Create the perfect combination of audio and visual to make your event pleasing to your guests’ sense of sight and sound.


What’s an event without music? From the latest hits to the timeless classics, iEventRentals DJs create a lively setting for you and your guests to mingle on the dance floor. For more of an interactive party, setup one of our karaoke machines and find out who’s the next “Idol” in your group.

“As long as we live, there is never enough singing” – Martin Luther King. Enliven your event with the one thing a 10 year old to a 70 year old would love doing. The answer is our high flying avant-garde Karaoke Machine!

Professional Karaoke SystemProfessional Karaoke Machine
2 Wireless Microphones2 Wireless Microphones
100 Watt SpeakerTwo 300 Watt Speakers
30,000 Songs30,000 Songs
N/A20” Monitor
N/A50” Screen on Truss
Home Karaoke System Home Karaoke Machine Professional Karaoke System Professional Karaoke Machine
2 Wired Microphones 2 Wired Microphones 2 Wireless Microphones 2 Wireless Microphones
100 Watt Speaker 100 Watt Speaker Two 300 Watt Speakers Two 300 Watt Speakers
600 Songs 600 Songs 11000 Songs 11000 Songs
N/A 20” Monitor N/A 20” Monitor
N/A 20” Screen N/A 50” Screen on Truss

Salient Features:

  • Wide Range to Suit Your Occasion
  • Economical
  • Modern and Fun Design
  • Professional Staff Assistance
  • Quick Set Up and Tear Down
  • Regular Songs Updating
  • Special Effects Features
  • Wide Range of Functions


Surprise your guests with a special appearance from one of our infamous entertainers. Complement the theme of your event with stars from the past such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Cher. Or engage your guests in some exciting action with a magician, illusionist, psychic reader or caricaturist.


Whether they are classic, contemporary, mysterious or hilarious, Toronto entertainers from iEventRentals know how to capture the attention of your guests. No matter the type or style of your event, live entertainment is an excellent added touch. Over and above great food and a fantastic venue, our entertainers in Toronto interact with your guests and give them a performance they’ll never forget.

Choosing the Right Entertainers

iEventRentals offers a variety of entertainment options and guides you through the selection process to ensure you book the perfect Toronto entertainer for your next event. First, we help you identify the mood of your event. Is it corporate, personal, themed or set in a particular era? Is your event casual or formal?

Second, we invite you to consider the types of people who plan to attend your event. Are they older adults, young children, twenty or thirty year-olds? Does your crowd scream corporate executive or chic casual?

Finally, we help you decide whether you want music, comedy, performances or interactive entertainment. Or maybe you think a mix of different entertainment styles would be best. Once you identify these key aspects of your event, finding the perfect Toronto entertainers is quick and easy.

High Caliber Professionals

When the caliber is high, the performance is outstanding. iEventRentals employs exciting, talented, and high-class Toronto entertainers. Our party entertainers attend your event in full costume, on time, and ready to make a lasting impression on you and your guests.


The people make the party. Staff your event with a group that’s on time, energetic and professional. iEventRentals provides casino dealers, pit bosses, tournament managers, bar tenders, hosts and hostesses to make your next event a raging success.


We consider staffing to be one of the most important aspects of our event planning service. Even more critical, we ensure that each of our staff members arrives at your event prepared, uniformed, and on time. At iEventRentals, we understand that when you’re in the midst of hosting an event which has taken you numerous hours to plan, the last thing you want to worry about is your staff. Whether you hire a casino dealer, host, server or pit boss, our Toronto event staff is reliable and punctual.


An untrained, unprofessional staff member robs your event of the prestigious impression you’ve worked so hard to create. When it comes time for the final execution of your event, the people who run it are the ones who make it a raging success. iEventRentals screens, interviews and thoroughly trains each of its staff members to ensure that you are provided with an event staff that caters to your guests and meets your expectations.

Toronto Event Staffing

iEventRentals supplies you with the right professionals to handle the many different aspects of your event. After hours of planning and preparing, our Toronto event staff brings your party to life. From Master of Ceremonies hosts and hostesses, to bartenders, casino dealers and pit bosses, we employ an energetic and lively team of professionals ready to give your guests an incredible experience at your upcoming event.

Event Planning

iEventRentals plans events both large and small. We arrange venues, limousines, catering, photographers, videographers, invitations and raffle prizes according to your needs and budget.